About AmEuro

Company History

AmEuro Metals B.V. is an independent, privately held metal distributor specializing in the supply of raw materials for use in the aerospace, defense and high tech industries.

Established in 1993, AmEuro operates from its headquarters in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. This central European location has allowed us to expand our business globally, working with both customers and suppliers worldwide.

Markets Served

AmEuro Metals works with customers in a variety of high tech industries worldwide. People often think only of aerospace or military industries when they think of raw materials. In truth, a lot of commercial applications require the same high tech or high strength materials able to withstand demanding environments.

Examples include the drive train parts in a race car, surgical implants, or high-pressure valves used in off shore applications.

AmEuro Metals is an expert in sourcing and supplying raw materials, whatever your industry may be.