Vultee B13 Aircraft Restauration

AmEuro Metals B.V. recently supplied some aluminium 2024 sheet metal to a prive customer, who is working on a very cool project. With some friends this gentleman is working on the restauration of a Vultee B13 Aircraft. The first picture below shows a similiair aircraft, in good working condition. The second picture shows the actual wing, and condition, of the Vultee B13 that is being restored. Needless to say, some work is still to be done. The third picture shows the wheel fairing of a Fokker D21, some of the material is used for that as well. 

Good luck gentlemen with your projects!!

All Aircraft are part of the collection.  


Vleugel restaurantie2

Wiel Fairing Fokker D21

 Fokker D21